how to build an outdoor kitchen with a charcoal grill

how to build an outdoor kitchen with a charcoal grill

Nothing is more intriguing, like entertaining outdoors during the warmer months. This can be achieved by structuring an outdoor kitchen, which involves a variety of options. The outlook of the kitchen highly depends on the framing features and the appliances it can contain. The most commonly used materials in the making include wood, steel, concrete blocks, or bricks. These items are, however, chosen, considering their durability, workability, costs, and weather conditions. Preferably, they should be able to withstand high temperatures as well as wetness.

When you want to come up with the best outdoor kitchen with a charcoal grill, a good choice is to use concrete blocks. The reason for this pick is that charcoal grill produces much heat, which gets transferred through various processes, just to name, radiation. It, therefore, requires heat resistant materials. Concrete blocks also ease workability and give room for customization – the ability to configure the kitchen anyway. However, this construction requires skilled labor (Mason).


The following are required to build a good kitchen: stainless steel plate, sheet and rod, sand, cement, concrete blocks, roofing sheets, nails, water pipes, electrical materials, lighting equipment, pains, granite countertops or coriana, tiles, working tools, and skilled labor.

how to build an outdoor kitchen with a charcoal grill

Step 1

The first step is to set up the foundation of the structure on the selected site. This is done by grading a landscape in preparation for the base. Cover an area of choice, depending on the size of the kitchen needed. Dig a ditch to which kitchen wastewater will be channeled. Make the channels leading to the ditch, from the kitchen are for the purpose of proper drainage. The last bit of this step is to prepare concrete and out of it, come up with a solid level slab on which the kitchen will be put up.

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Hire a skilled mason to set up the kitchen and build using the concrete blocks to the desired height and size. Ensure that the structure is well partitioned to the parts you may need. Leave enough space for the grill, sink, and countertops.


Using the block, come up with a frame of the size you desire and a height of about one meter. The frame should be enclosed with a three-sided solid concrete blocks wall. Take a strong and stainless steel plate (the size of the grill frame) and poke several holes on it. Install the poked plate, sixty centimeters from the slab. This is the surface to which the charcoal fire will be put, and the holes enable free air circulation, elimination of the burnt charcoal and ashes. The steel rods are then bound together through welding, fixed above the plate, and are made adjustments, in terms of the level above the plate. This is the surface that holds the food).


This is the step where the installation of utilities is involved. These include electricity, water system, etc. The electric system should run underground and in the walls, to points of connection within the kitchen. Fix the electric pipes and do all the wiring required. The water system should also be well established, and all pipes covered to avoid breakage and spillage. Fix the steel sheet on the sink and ensure proper drainage, to the ditch, which should also be covered with concrete.

It is also necessary to have an overhead structure. Put up roofing to protect the kitchen and its components. Various materials can be used, but roofing sheets are more appropriate. All the concrete surfaces are then cemented smoothly in preparation for painting.


In the last step, install all the electric switches, bulbs and sockets and test the available kitchens appliances. Fixe the water taps and connect running water to test the system functionality. Decorate the kitchen floor by granite countertops or coriana or tiles of your favorite color and pattern. Paint the walls then arrange your kitchen.

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